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What Makes a Great Kids App?

what makes a good kids app

Seemingly, everything has gone digital along with our kids’ games. It seems as though that, as well as Nursery songs on Youtube, are the most popular forms of entertainment for small children. While TV still dominates screen time, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in online and app-based games. On average, over one quarter of three to four year-olds now use these tools at home. Out of the children who do use mobile, they spend 63 percent of time spent on apps playing games. So it’s no surprise that app designers have begun producing children’s games left and right, but with so many of them on the market, how do we know which ones are best for our kids? If your family is important to you, check out life insurance advice to see how you can protect them.

We recently discovered the kids apps by Twisted Logic and thought they’re a wonderful example of kids apps done right!

Here we break down what they’ve done and what really makes a great kids app:

Hands-On Learning

The best educational apps available provide hands-on learning. Instead of learning from a book or television program, apps provide the unique opportunity for kids to actually interact with the material that they’re learning. They get to respond to questions and participate in activities, and the best app designers take full advantage of this. Instead of just watching something on TV or reading it in a book, great kids apps allow children to discover a multi-faceted approach to learning. Kids can learn valuable skills in apps and online. If you are currently trying to teach your kids about money then this infographic will be of great use to you.

Engaging Games

In order for an app the really grab a child’s attention, it must be engaging. This means colorful characters, fun sounds or music and unique obstacles that leave a child feeling challenged, but not too frustrated.

Goals & Rewards

A great kids app rewards children for their accomplishments within the game. Just like in every day life, children like to be told when they’re doing a good job. Providing fun rewards for correct answers or achieving new steps within the app is a good way to reinforce the learning process.

Fun Characters

Fun characters that children can relate too or be entertained by play a huge role in what goes into the strongest apps. Just like favorite characters out of books or movies, those in apps should be relatable, visually pleasing and often times even a bit goofy.

Internet Safety

One of the largest fears of children using apps or any type of online games is safety. You want to be sure that you can trust the app and that there aren’t opportunities for connecting with your kids or for any type of information breech. A great kids app is one that you can trust. For help and advice with keeping your kids safe online, visit BroadbandSearch and check out their 17 rules.

Parent-Created and Kid-Tested!

There’s no one better to create an app for kids than the people who want the best for their kids: parents! And who better to test it than kids themselves? If an app is a family project, having been created by parents and tested by children, there is a good chance that the app will be great for your own family!

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