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White Chocolate Colorful Party Popcorn

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Some times it’s fun to change up a old standby. Dress up a favorite snack to fit any color scheme you can think up!

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For this special treat, we started with popcorn. You could air pop it (probably your healthiest bet) or make it on the stove, but I’d stay away from microwave popcorn, which tends to have seasoning and flavoring and weird filmy residues My favorite way to make popcorn is on the stove, in a big pot, with coconut oil. Use a few tablespoons of coconut oil, and get it hot in the bottom of a flat bottomed pot. Add a few kernels. When they pop, add about a quarter cup of kernels, and move the pot over the heat, so they don’t burn. When you hear them stop popping, remove from heat and move onto part two.

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My favorite part of the process involves melting white chocolate chips, and coloring the chocolate! You can melt the chocolate however you prefer – microwave or stovetop. A friend of mine wanted to use her microwave to try this, but something broke in her microwave, and she needed to get in touch with a local repair service similar to She told me that she used the stovetop instead, and it worked, but her chocolate seemed a little thick.

Maybe it was because she didn’t have the stovetop on the highest setting to melt the chocolate into the thickness she wanted, or maybe it’s just a lesson to all of us that using a microwave may be the better option when it comes to this practice. Of course, my friend will be hoping that her microwave doesn’t break again, as there are only so many times you can get it repaired. If only she decided to look for a home warranty company like First American Home Warranty ( to see about getting coverage for her appliances, she won’t have this worry, and it also means that she will be spending less money on this too. And we all know how beneficial that can be in this day and age. Luckily, she had some advice about what to do if your chocolate seems thicker than you’d like. Simply add a little milk or cream. Make your chocolate a bright color, and drizzle it over your pot of popcorn! You kid can help with this step, as long as you take care to keep little hands away from the heat. I like to add a little salt after drizzling (salt and chocolate? Yes please.)

pop 3 copy

Repeat with another color (or two!). The color combinations are endless! Make this popcorn to share at a birthday party, holiday party, sports game (team colors!), or just for fun!

pop 4 copy

I’m looking forward to making pink and red party popcorn for Valentines Day, but for now, this turquoise/blue/green combo was pretty fun!

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