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Measurements Lesson and Play (with free printable!)

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After reading some particularly encouraging testimonials and blogs, we’re trying to work a LOT more water drinking into our daily routine.  Staying well hydrated is good for both your mind and body!  In figuring out the optimum amount to drink I ran into a lot of logistic problems.  Should I count ounces all day? Cups? Liters?  Trying to keep track in my head was getting crazy.  Imagine being fairly new to measurements (like a kid!) and trying to figure this stuff out.

measures printable

I recalled a visual lesson I was introduced to as a kid, and decided it’d be fun to learn it again at our house.  So this project has two parts – a measurement printable, and some tactile play as well!

Print out our measurement printable, and use it as a guide with your kids as you play with Gallons, Quarts, Pints and Cups.

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We used a variety of containers (a gallon jug of water, measuring cups, drinking cups, etc) to measure water back and forth.  Set up near a sink (our outside if you’re so lucky!) for easy clean up.

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One fun game is to guess how much water goes into your favorite drinking cup, then measure it out into measuring cups.  How many of those cups go into a gallon? Pour them in to find out!

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We added a little food coloring for some visual interest, and it was fun to see the colors change as the water is poured back and forth.  Even our wipe-up towel turned out pretty!

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In combination with the measurement printable, this fun activity will teach some basic counting/math, kinesthetic skills, and at the end is an easy clean up. Have fun pouring!

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