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Fall Leaves Mobile

leaf mobile lead copy

Make this beautiful leaf-mobile to hang in your space!  Kids will have fun learning about warm and cool colors, and the whole family will be able to enjoy your mobile once it’s hung!

leaf 1 copy

This project is fairly quick, easy, and cheap (three big plus’s in my book).  We used

  • coffee filters (white work best)
  • scissors
  • washable markers (no Sharpies or permanent markers for this one)
  • spray bottle with water
  • thread
  • a stick from the yard

leaf 2 copy

First, cut some leaves from coffee filters.  You could trace real leaves from your yard, or freehand some different shapes like we did.  I made some loosely based on elm, maple, and ginko leaves, and some were more…imaginary.  Kids can totally help with this step!  And if you want to make lots of leaves, it’s easy to cut through several layers of coffee filters at once.

leaf 3 copy

Next step is to color them in!  Use washable markers for this step.  We talked about hot and cool colors, and drew inspiration from the trees outside.  The coffee filters are a little fragile, so work with them carefully!  (If one rips, it’s no big deal though – cut some more!)

leaf 5 copy

Spray the leaves with water.  The colors will bleed and mix, beautifully!  Let it dry on newsprint or cardboard.  Because the paper is so thin, they’ll dry in about 15 minutes.

leaf 6 copy

Find a perfect stick, and arrange your leaves on it using lightweight thread or fishing line.  I used regular sewing thread, and it worked great.

leaf 7 copy

Finally, find a good spot to hang your masterpiece!  Enjoy falling leaves inside this Autumn!

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