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Milk Jug Skull Lanterns

Milk Jug Skull Lanterns skull lead 768x1024

Use a few materials that you might already have on hand to make these spooky milk jug skulls!

Milk Jug Skull Lanterns skull 1 768x1024

I saw some of these on someone’s stoop the other night and thought we have got to try that!

Milk Jug Skull Lanterns skull 2 1024x768

This simple craft calls for just a few supplies, doesn’t take long, and makes a big impact in the dark! We used

  • milk or spring water jugs (half gallon and gallon)
  • sharpie
  • sharp knife
  • LED candles

First, clean your empty milk jug with soap and water, and let it drip dry (you don’t want to smell sour milk, right?)  You may have to remove some stickers, which can be tricky!

Milk Jug Skull Lanterns skull 31 768x1024

Next, draw a spooky skull face on your milk jug. We drew ours on the sides opposite the jug handle.  (As luck would have it, this was also the side without any sticker residue).  You can go simple or complicated with the skeleton face – I think eyes and teeth are the most important parts!

Milk Jug Skull Lanterns skull 4 1024x768

Finally a grown-up should cut a small hole in the backside, big enough to fit a LED tealight.

Milk Jug Skull Lanterns skull 5 1024x768

Voila! A simple but spooky Halloween lantern!

Milk Jug Skull Lanterns skull 6 768x1024

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Milk Jug Skull Lanterns 15qzxbo

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