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Halloween Party Idea: Spooky Ice Hands

hand leadUse household gloves to make some ghostly hands to add to Halloween party games and decor!

You may use a giant porch spider, funko figures, or even a spook-tacular neon sign customized to suit the Halloween decor (available on online stores like Neon Filter and alike). But adding a couple of creepy hands could be the perfect way to take your Halloween party to the next level! However, you may also wish to create some Halloween-themed alcoholic beverages! To purchase the required alcohol you may need to check out these evolved fake ids. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween with some fantastically colored drinks!

You’ll need

  • disposable gloves (use something flexible that you’re comfortable using around kids – if you’re not interested in using latex, consider using some kitchen gloves)
  • food dye (green seemed the spookiest!)
  • freezer, butcher, wax, or parchment paper

To serve these alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, you may use antique silver utensils to add a spooky touch. In addition, you can place a butterfly knife, which you can purchase by visiting a website similar to, beside the drinks or food to create a gloomy atmosphere. Anyone who sees the knife will most likely be terrified, but it will almost certainly make excellent decor for your Halloween party. The reason being, we’ve always seen ghost movies from the early 1990s that featured antique silverware and a spooky looking knife in the kitchen. The scary and glam elements may complement each other perfectly with some dim lighting and periodic candlesticks. You can find such a piece of virtu on the internet by searching for uk antique silver shop (or any other place you live in).

hand 1

The night (or week!) before: fill your glove of choice with water, and add food dye to desired color. We added a lot of green because we wanted the “hands” to really stand out! Next time, we’ll experiment with lots more colors.

hand 3

Tie up the ends of the gloves. If you’re using a thicker kitchen glove, you may have to twist the end and secure (tight!) with a rubberband.

hand 4

Put the gloves in the freezer. Because the wet gloves might freeze to the sides of the freezer, consider setting the gloves on a sheet of freezer paper to ensure you can easily remove them later.

hand 5

On the day of: take your gloves out of the freezer. Keep them on ice until you’re really ready to use them! We ran them under a lukewarm tap for a few seconds to “loosen the skin”.

Then carefully peel back the gloves, taking extra care not to break off any fingers! Add your icy hands to a bucket of apples and for some spooky bobbing-for-apples action, or use in a a cooler at a party. Imagine going to grab a drink and having this ghoulish green hand grabbing you! Don’t forget to get the alcohol and other accessories to go with them. This may require you to search for where to get a fake ID in order to purchase some alcohol, but its all for the aesthetic and to ensure you have the most amazing refreshments for your Halloween party.

hand 6

Make a few extras…we learned the hard way that the “fingers” are very fragile!

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