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DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys

DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys mummy lead 1024x768

We’re getting pretty into dress-up here lately, and it’s extending into the toy collection.  It’s almost like they have a big costume party coming up or something…

Today we turned a ordinary dollar store tough guy into a seasonally appropriate mummy!  This project is fun because kids get to work with their hands preparing the fabric, and the outcome is so much cooler than a store-bought mummy!

You’ll need

  • a figurine (new or well-loved)
  • white fabric (a old sheet, or something with no stretch is ideal)
  • scissors

DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys mummy 1 1024x768

And if you feeling particularly ambitions, you can also use

  • 10-12 tea bags (use a flavor you don’t like and are trying to get rid of!)
  • a pot big enough to submerge your fabric in

(use the tea to “tea dye” your mummy fabric first.  It will give it an appropriate looking aged look – even creepier and dirtier than a pristine white mummy!  Because of the boiling water involved in tea dying, that’s really a project for Mom or Dad, and can be completed the day before.  There’s a lot of good tutorials out there!)

DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys mummy 3 1024x768

Here’s our guy before his makeover.  Total yawn, right?

DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys mummy 4 1024x768

Cut your fabric at the ends and tear into strips.  If you start a cut, your child will have fun pulling the fabric all the way to the end – it makes the most satisfying ripping noise, and will give your fabric strips a more authentic edge for mummy making.  It’s also good practice for little hands making controlled movements – and there’s no wrong way to do it!  Demonstrate one good rip for your kids, and let them do the rest.

DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys mummy 5 1024x768

Begin wrapping.  We used a small piece of masking tape to start, but if you don’t have tape on hand, you can just tie the fabric around the figure before you start wrapping.

DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys mummy 6 1024x768

Cover your figure as much or as little as you like!  This is a good opportunity for your little costume designer to make some choices about his methodology.  Body first?  Arms and legs first?  Why?

We left our mummy some eye holes, so he can still see what’s going on, but you can choose to cover him all the way up if you want!  Have fun – hopefully your mummy won’t spook the rest of his gang too much!

DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys mummy 7 1024x768





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DIY Mummy Decorations from Toys 15qzxbo

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