Preschool Activities and Printables

Glittery Spider Web Craft

Whether you’re looking for a fun fall activity or something to accompany a spider study, these spider webs will be just the thing.

You will need liquid glue, wax paper, and glitter.

2013-09-20 10.11.36

Trace the shape of your spider web on the wax paper. Make sure your lines are thick and solid; some of the ones you see here weren’t sturdy enough to make it. Also make sure all your lines are connected.

2013-09-20 10.12.58

Sprinkle glitter all over the glue. Pick up the wax paper and shake it gently back and forth to make sure the glue is completely covered. Lay flat in a safe, dry place and wait for it to dry.

2013-09-20 10.17.30

Now comes the tricky part. Carefully peel the dried glue-and-glitter webs off of the wax paper, working around the edges and moving inward.

2013-09-20 17.33.20

Ta-da! You have a spider web. Hang it on the wall somewhere!

2013-09-20 17.31.47

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