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Color Blending With Play Dough

Show your preschooler how primary colors are blended to make secondary colors in this fun and simple color blending activity.

2013-08-31 11.14.55

You will need play dough in three different colors – red (or pink), blue, and yellow. You can buy dough or make your own. We made this easy soft dough recipe and divided it into three parts, then added food coloring to make pastel primary colors. Start with about three drops per color and add more as needed.

2013-08-31 11.09.01

color mixing for preschoolers

Split each color in half. Mix red with blue, red with yellow, and blue with yellow.

color mixing activity for preschool

Ask your child what color each combination made. You should get shades of purple, orange, and green respectively.

color mixing homemade play dough new diy dough colors

Eventually all of the colors will probably end up in one big swirl (at least, that’s what happened here). When that happens, you can make a rainbow. :)

diy color swirl play dough

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