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Daisy Flower Chain Instructions

Have you ever wanted to teach your kids how to make daisy chains? Here are simple instructions.

You will need: flowers. Small flowers that grow in the grass are perfect for daisy chains; dandelions work great too! Make sure you leave a few inches of stem when you pick the flowers, as you will need it.

pick flowers with a few inches of stem for a daisy chain

To start your chain, use a thumb or fingernail to pierce the stem. It might take a few tries to get a slit all the way through without slicing the stem in half. When you succeed, slip the stem of another flower through the hole. Voila!

peirce a hole in the stem to start the daisy chain

insert next flower stem into the hole

Repeat as many times as you have flowers. When you have a long enough chain, connect the two end flowers to make a bracelet, crown, or necklace.

continue making holes and inserting the stem to create a chain

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