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Backyard Fun: Digging for Worms and Bugs

It’s always fun to dig in the dirt when it’s not work.  Kids love getting dirty and finding little critters to put in their dirt pails.  If you’re closing up your garden for the season make sure to let your kiddos dig around a bit for this great sensory activity!

let them get dirty by momtrusted_com

Dig, scoop, and move the dirt around with tools as well as your hands.  Come up with different ways to till and move the dirt.  Let the kids experiment on how to effect the hole they are digging.

digging for worms by momtrusted_com

Is the dirt hard or soft?  Is it easier to dig with your hands, a small spade, or a big shovel? What is the best way to move the dirt out of your hole to the pile?  Can you use a bowl or a bucket?  Can you find any worms? What do they feel like in your hands?

a child's work getting dirty by momtrusted_com

If you’re looking for worms it’s likely you’ll fine some other critters or bugs in there as well.  Fun!  And who knows…dirt might just be good for them. ;)

digging for worms and bugs by momtrusted_com

A few other ideas for enjoying the outdoors: make a flower chain, nature scavenger hunt, adventure walk

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