Preschool Activities and Printables

Basic Shape Pictures

Learn about shapes, colors, and the basics of drawing while making fun pictures with paper cutouts and glue!


All drawing starts with basic shapes, and you can introduce your child to this concept while reinforcing the names of shapes and colors and practicing gluing. You will need several sheets of construction paper, scissors, and glue.


Set aside one sheet of paper per child to be the ‘canvas’. Cut a variety of shapes out of the rest of the sheets – large and small circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. (If you stack the sheets and trace the shapes on the top one, you can cut out several colors of a shape at once.)


Encourage your preschooler to create pictures with the shapes using his or her imagination. You can make houses, animals, and even vehicles with a bit of creativity! Once the picture is created, the shapes can be glued onto the paper ‘canvas’. This project will develop fine motor skills (gluing) as well as encouraging observation of the world around and how things are made.


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