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Color Circle Suncatchers

These impressive suncatchers are easy to make – all you need is paper, a black marker, a cup, and some crayons.

Color Circle Suncatchers Suncatcher Collage text

Note: For a suncatcher that lets more light through, use waxed or tracing paper.

To make the design on your suncatcher, trace around a cup with a black marker.

Color Circle Suncatchers IMG 5436

For more varied shapes, you can alternate between the top and bottom of the cup (for different sized circles).

Color Circle Suncatchers IMG 5437

Overlap your circles for interesting shapes of all different sizes.

Color Circle Suncatchers IMG 5438

Now show your child how to color carefully inside the lines of each separate section.

Color Circle Suncatchers IMG 5443

This is an exercise in patience – you may need to do it in several sittings, as it can take a long time. Try to use lots of different colors for a bright, cheery look.

Color Circle Suncatchers IMG 5444

When the spaces are all colored in, tape your suncatcher to a window. Isn’t it pretty?

Color Circle Suncatchers IMG 5454

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Color Circle Suncatchers XT0 3010
Color Circle Suncatchers XT0 3010

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