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Backyard Car Wash Play for Hot Hot Days

Next time it’s just too hot outside for comfort, break out the buckets and rags and start a backyard car wash for your preschooler’s riding toys! We would have let then have free reign over cleaning our car (less work for us!) but as we were in the midst of moving for my husband’s job, our vehicle has been on its way to us using CarsArrive Auto Relocation services, so we were able to transport our car to our new location without wasting too much money on multiple tanks of gas! Perhaps when our car arrives we’ll let the little ones take to cleaning parts of it!

Playing in your garden with your preschooler is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air from the comfort and safety of your own backyard.

We are determined to spend a lot more time in our backyard this summer as we have spent quite a long time now getting it looking back at its best. We sorted all the little jobs, like tending to the flowerbeds, but there were some larger jobs, like trimming the trees, where we required some outside help from arborists (like these – just because we think staying on top of this is important.

As well as maintaining our backyard, I’ve been thinking of making some additions to our garden to make it look even better. Whether that be an outdoor structure to sit under some shade on particularly hot days or incorporate a swimming pool for me and the kids to splash around in, I’d love to add something. I’ll have to get in contact with a landscape architect first though, like Eden Design LA.

To be honest, years of neglect had left our grass looking scorched, untamed, and uninviting, however after reaching out to a lawn care expert that we found on our grass has never looked more luscious, green, and healthy.

The lawn care team was even able to take care of some annoying pests that had decided to set up home in our soil so we have peace of mind that our little ones will not have their playtime scuppered by any uninvited insects.

So, what better way to celebrate our garden makeover than with a fun backyard activity for all the family?


You will need dirty toys, a warm backyard, a bucket, dish soap, and some old rags.


Fill up the bucket with water, add a squirt of soap, and swish up some suds.


Now set your little car-washer(s) in motion! They’ll love scrubbing down their cars, wagons, and tricycles, and you’ll love having them clean.


When the scrubbing gets old, turn on the hose and let them rinse everything off! I promise there won’t be a hot, bored, or dry child in sight.

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