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Paper Cube Ninja

Print, cut, and fold your way into this AWESOME paper cube ninja!


paper cube ninja 6


What you need:

download and print this paper cube ninja design

– paper

– scissors

How to do it:

1.  Cut the white parts away from the 5 character sections.

2.  Use your scissors or exacto knife to cut the slits.

3. Fold the all the pieces on the black lines.

4. Match the letter inserts with the same letter slits to create the cube structure.

5. Insert the sections into the matching letter slits to fit all the pieces together.

paper cube ninja collage txt

So much fun!  Thanks Marc!

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2 comments on “Paper Cube Ninja
  1. Susan on said:

    cool craft! totally attracted us. too hard for a very dexterous 6 year old – needed lots of help with the tabs. mama needs more patience! :)

    • Angela Conley on said:

      Susan…totally! This is a hard one. It’s definitely better for older children. My 7 year old was able to cut everything except for the slits and needed some help with the folding but the end product is rewarding for sure. Thanks for trying it out. This is our most intense project by far.

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