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DIY Musical Instruments: Cereal Box Guitar

Musical instruments are all the rage at my house recently. Last week my preschoolers put on a ‘marching band’ where everybody was a drummer (ear-splitting!) and had a blast. Each of them like different instruments too, which is great because I love to see them explore their talents! I just know some of them will grow up to be some of the best drummers, recorder players, or maybe even the best keyboard players in the world, whatever they choose! So I thought it was about time to expand their instrument selection, so when we emptied a box of cereal I knew just what to make. I want them to learn how to play some musical instruments when they get older, it’s a great talent to have. I’m not sure which instruments they’ll learn yet but I’m open to learn more about the different options. There are loads of amazing instruments so they’ll be spoilt for choice! I’ve recently been looking into the benefits of viola rental and I think renting an instrument seems like a much better option than buying one. As I said, I don’t mind which instrument they learn, as long as they learn something! I think everyone should learn to play at least one instrument, no matter which instrument it is. If your child is getting to the age where they want to learn an instrument, allow them to do some research on websites like The Sound Junky so they can choose which instrument they’d like to play.

For this ‘guitar’, you’ll need: an empty cereal box (other kinds of small boxes work fine too), a variety of largish rubber bands, and scissors. (If you want to add a handle, a ruler or empty paper towel roll can be taped inside the open end of the box.)


1. Cut out a circle from the middle of your cereal box. (Best done by an adult).

2. Stretch rubber bands over the opening at regular intervals. If your rubber bands are different thicknesses, they will make different sounds.



3. Attach handle, if desired.

4. Play away!


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