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Grow Onions in 10 Days: Great Growing Project for Young Kids


Grow your own green onions at home in 10 days! This is a great growing project for young children because they grow so fast the kids can see their plants grow day after day.

What you need:

– bunch of green onions
– jar or cup
– water

What you do:

1. Cut the top of the green onion off. There should be about 2 inches left at the bottom (bulb area).

2. Place the cut bulbs in your jar or cup.

3. Fill with water. Make sure your onion is sticking out of the top of the water. If it is totally submerged they will not grow.

4. Change the water every couple of days.

5. Measure the onions each day to see the growth.



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6 comments on “Grow Onions in 10 Days: Great Growing Project for Young Kids
    • angela on said:

      Yep! Just chop off the tops again and use them for cooking or in salads…whatever you normally would use green onions for. :)

  1. Love the idea. So in theory, you could have an endless supply of spring onions? Or just once is the normal limit?

    • angela on said:

      We’re still testing but I’ve heard you can cut them a couple of times and they will grow back. Not sure what the limit is yet but I’ll be sure to update here when I know. Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing, Angela! This is indeed very helpful. I will have to try this soon. At the moment, I only have basil at home. This should be very useful because I buy green onions lots of times :)

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