Preschool Activities and Printables

In the office with your kids? Make Photocopier Hand Creatures!


Ever have to run into work for 20 minutes with your kids? I know I’ve had to do it a couple of times to grab a few things or get something printed after hours. A lot of people do it, and many of them have no choice but to bring their children along with them. Currently, with the coronavirus pandemic, I probably wouldn’t bring them into the office with me. This is for their own safety because offices can have a lot of people in them, constantly touching the same things and spreading germs. During the pandemic, our boss asked us to wear a Face Mask at Work to try and limit the spread of germs. That’s why I don’t want my kids coming into the office, it isn’t worth risking their health.

Of course, it’s not just the kids that we need to worry about (although we do want to make sure that they are okay). But we still need to worry about the rest of the people working in the office. We don’t want people to feel like they do not work in a safe environment, nor do we want people to become seriously ill and be unable to work for us. Although people can sort themselves out and get something like this short term disability insurance, it doesn’t help the business if people aren’t coming in. Of course, so far, all adults are happy and healthy in the office. But we have asked that kids don’t come in during this pandemic (which will hopefully end soon enough).

So, currently, they aren’t allowed in the office, but when they used to come, we would have so much fun. There are a lot of fascinating pieces of equipment in the office for younger children to look at!

Why not make it a unique and fun experience? If you have a photocopier (and your boss doesn’t care if you do this ;), let your kids put their hands on the flatbed, then scan and print them. Maybe let them pic up a few other objects around the office (a marker, stapler, calculator, etc.) and let them scan and print those. Speaking of my boss, I think the reason he was so chill about the kids using the photocopier was that he had recently ordered order a new ‘fleet’ of photocopiers from Office Monster. It was about time we had an upgrade and the kids seemed more than happy playing with the older ones;). If you want to try this out with your children you might be interested in a lease photocopier so you could create a fun experience with them.


Then grab some markers and let them create photocopier hand creatures or artwork building from the images.

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