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DIY Kazoos: How to make 2 kinds of Kazoo at home!


Kids love making music!  Here’s two simple ways to make a kazoo to add to your family band!

The first kazoo is a simple construction from a toilet paper tube, which we fancied up with a coat of paint.

You’ll need

  • A toilet paper tube
  • Paint
  • Waxed paper
  • A rubber band
  • A pin to poke a hole

First things first, paint your toilet paper tube.  When painting brown cardboard, it’s easier to experiment with colors if you start with a white base.

After the white has dried, add any other colors you choose!

While your paint is drying, cut a circle from waxed paper.  Your circle should be big enough to cover the end of the tube, with some overlap.

When your paint is dry, cover the end of the tube with wax paper, and secure with a rubber band.  Poke one tiny hole in the top of the “drum” of the kazoo.  Start the music!

(For an EVEN SIMPLER kazoo, cut a square of waxed paper, and fold it over the pointy side of a comb.  That’s the side that goes in your mouth!  It’s really easy to hum a tune into this instrument, but it’s not quite as cute as the top tube kazoo!)

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