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Valentines Mix and Match Game

valentines lead

This easy and fun Valentine’s day matching game is as fun to make as it is to play!

 valentines 1

Use your Valentine’s day craft supplies (like doilies, pink and red paper, markers, stickers, glitter, whatever!).  Make a set of Valentines.

We made three different, but similarly sized Valentines.  Have your child help making them – making sure each one is different, so they can be put back together later!

valentines 2


Cut the Valentines in half, either in one straight cut or in a wavy or zig-zag pattern.
valentines 3

Once you have all the pieces, mix them up and piece them together!  For an even more complicated game, cut them into more than two pieces each.

valentines 4


This project is fun for one kid to play alone OR is good for a group, or at a Valentine’s Day party!  For a bigger group, you’ll need more Valentines.  You can make them as a group beforehand, cut them, mix them up, each child draws one piece from a paper bag, then see how long it takes for everyone to find their matching person.  It’s a great way to get kids to work together to solve the puzzles and work toward a common goal.


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