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Paper Chain People Activity…with some diversity!


chain lead


Put a spin on classic paperchain people by making them EXTRA BIG and multi-colored!  (Also offers a easy opportunity to talk about diversity!)


chain 1

You’ll need

  • Different colors of construction paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors


chain 2

Making paperchain people is nothing new, but you can add a mulicultural twist by making your characters all different colors!  Of course, you can always make them regular sized, but we went extra large for these guys!

chain 2

To begin, choose some colors to work with.  Start with four, as your scissors probably won’t be able to cut through much more than that!

chain 3

Tape your papers together.  We used packing tape, and taped the papers together vertically, making a long  (but tall) chain.

chain 4

Fold the each paper in half (top to bottom), and then arrange them like an accordion.

chain 5

Draw a template for your cutting.  Keep the head (and belly, etc) on the inside, folded edge – with the arms and legs meeting on the outside edge! Make sure those hands and feet “meet”, so your paperchainers stay together! Add hearts if you want , where the hands would go.

chain 6

Cut! (This part can be a little tricky, depending on the weight of your paper.  Make sure you’re there to help your child because cutting all those layers at once can be a challenge!)

chain 7

Open up your chain!  (And make more and connect them, if you want to up your wow factor!)

 chain lead

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