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Mini Fingerprint Valentines

valentine lead

Sometimes, the tiniest things are the sweetest!  These fingerprint heart cards are just big enough to write an “I love you!” inside.

valentine 1

We used

  • White cardstock
  • A red stamp pad (and little fingers to make fingerprints)
  • Fancy paper to make an envelope
  • Tape

valentine 2

Cut white cardstock into small rectangles.  Fold them so that they make tiny little cards.

valentine 3

Help direct your child’s fingers into the stamp pads and onto the tiny cards.  Two fingerprints will make a heart!

valentine 4

On the inside, they can write a short Valentine or their name.

valentine 5

To make an envelope, place the Valentine in the middle of a larger sheet of fancy paper (we used origami paper).  Fold the edges around the Valentine.

valentine 6

Trim the corners of the envelope.  Tape the remaining sides together to make a little envelope.  Use a cute tape to really make the envelope extra adorable.

valentine 7

Mark the front of the envelope for the receiver and deliver it on Valentine’s Day!

valentine 8

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