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Mini Fingerprint Valentines

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine lead 1024x768

Sometimes, the tiniest things are the sweetest!  These fingerprint heart cards are just big enough to write an “I love you!” inside.

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 1 1024x768

We used

  • White cardstock
  • A red stamp pad (and little fingers to make fingerprints)
  • Fancy paper to make an envelope
  • Tape

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 2 1024x768

Cut white cardstock into small rectangles.  Fold them so that they make tiny little cards.

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 3 1024x768

Help direct your child’s fingers into the stamp pads and onto the tiny cards.  Two fingerprints will make a heart!

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 4 1024x768

On the inside, they can write a short Valentine or their name.

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 5 1024x768

To make an envelope, place the Valentine in the middle of a larger sheet of fancy paper (we used origami paper).  Fold the edges around the Valentine.

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 6 1024x768

Trim the corners of the envelope.  Tape the remaining sides together to make a little envelope.  Use a cute tape to really make the envelope extra adorable.

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 7 1024x768

Mark the front of the envelope for the receiver and deliver it on Valentine’s Day!

Mini Fingerprint Valentines valentine 8 1024x768

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Mini Fingerprint Valentines 15qzxbo

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