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DIY Heart Paper Chain Activity

hear chain lead

Dress your walls with this surprisingly simple heart chain!  Kids can help make  this easy chain, and if you like, you can incorporate lessons about shapes and patterns.

heart chain 1

It’s so simple to make, you’ll only need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

 heart chain 2

Begin by choosing some colors.  We went with Valentine’s themed colors, but it would also be fun to experiment with lots of crazy colors!

heart chain 3

Cut your paper into strips, around 1 ½” wide.  (You could do wider or narrower, just make them consistent!)

Fold all the strips in half.  Make one into a heart shape, and staple it shut.  Help your child with the stapler – a fun tool for kids to learn!  Add another heart under the first.  (The “V” of the first heart will fit into the top of the next heart).

heart chain 4

Keep going, adding more hearts!  How long can you make your chain?  If you’re making a pattern, what color will come next?

heart chain 5

Find a good spot to display your Valentine’s Day chain!

heart chain 6

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