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How to make an Air Fort with your Kids

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Making this air fort with the kids was so much fun and easy!


Here’s what you need:

– the biggest sheet you can find

– packaging tape

– fan


To start, tape one of the long sides down to the floor.  Place the fan at one end.  Flip the sheet over the fan and tape together.  Then tape the remaining edges to the floor.  We pleated the far end a couple of times to get a bigger bubble.  Turn on the fan and let your air fort fill with air.  The tricky part is getting in and out.  We used the end with the fan; just move it to one side, crawl through, then replace it in the middle of the opening.


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5 comments on “How to make an Air Fort with your Kids
  1. John Knoefler on said:

    When a child in Nebraska the summers were brutally hot. We lived in a two story farmhouse. Upstairs was just too hot to even sleep. So we would come downstairs and try to sleep with one small window air conditioner. It worked a little but not enough. So we would use a box fan. At that time they were almost the width of a window and square. Still are actually. So using a large king sized sheet I would pin the edges to the box fan with clothes pins. The kind you use on an outside line to dry clothes. This first sheet would be fastened on the side and then chairs would line along the edges to hold it down. Then another sheet could be pinned to the other side. So a double king sized area would be covered. And chairs would hold down all edges. We could pile in small mattresses and a few small sheets and pillows for comfort. Entry would be at the far end away from the fan and a few large books would hold down the end after we were inside. Many hot nights my brother and my sister and I were lulled to sleep by the cooling breeze and the hum of the fan. I was only ten years old and the fan tent was all my invention and idea. I like the idea of calling it an air fort. It might catch on better with that name. Somehow fan tent doesn’t have the exotic feel that Air Fort does. Thanks for renaming it.

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