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Preschool Weaving Activity: Using an old DVD or CD to improve fine motor skills


I love, love, love  easy preschool projects that find creative ways to reuse unusable objects around the house (can we say FREE materials??).  Since I have a nice collection of CDs and DVDs that are so scratched that they no longer work I thought we would give it a try. I did not try this with my 3-year-old but thought it was the perfect project for my oldest child. While he is a little older than a preschooler, I don’t think a preschooler would struggle with the weaving. Perhaps repeating “over-under-over-under” will help to remind your little one how to weave. But whether your preschooler gets the weaving thing down or not, those fine motor skills will definitely be getting a workout! =) Here’s what you’ll need to make this awesome and creative CD or DVD weavings:



  • CD or DVD that you no longer use
  • Different colored yarn
  • Large, dull needle or tape wrapped around the end of yarn (this is really helpful for younger children)



Step 1: Wrap the yarn around the CD or DVD through the center (see picture below). Make sure to leave a little extra yarn in order to make a knot.
  • TIP: Make sure to wrap the CD an odd number of times. My son and I found this out the hard way and had to start our weavings all over again.



Step 2: To start off the weaving, cut a long piece if yarn. Tie one end to one of the yarn pieces on the CD or DVD. For the other end: either thread it through a large, dull needle or simply wrap tape around it (about an inch). This makes it easier for the preschoolers to grab, weave, and maneuver the yarn.



Step 3: Once the yarn is threaded and knotted, simply have your preschooler weave the yarn onto the CD or DVD. Remind him/her to go OVER-UNDER-OVER-UNDER with the yarn. Once that color runs out, simply repeat Step 2 with another piece of yarn. Do this until the CD or DVD is completely covered (or until your preschooler decides the weaving is complete). Not only do these look nice to display around the room or window hanging from some additional yarn, your preschool is working hard with her/his fine motor skills to create the weaving. Enjoy!


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