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Polymer Snow Sensory Table

Polymer Snow Sensory Table snow lead 1024x768

If you’re missing (real) snow this winter, try experimenting with polymer snow instead!


Polymer Snow Sensory Table snow 1 1024x768

This was our first time trying out this “fake” snow. I’ve gotten it for kids before as presents, but we’ve never actually taken the plunge and used it at home!  It comes in a cool science lab test tube, and is a super fun and affordable tactile experience!


Polymer Snow Sensory Table snow 2 1024x768

The directions suggest to mix a capful of the powder (a polymer) with water, and without stirring, the powder absorbs the water and expands like crazy!  It’s not especially sticky or messy, but I’d definitely advise doing this in a designated area – we used a little on a plate, on a placemat, in our painting safety zone.


Polymer Snow Sensory Table snow 3 1024x768

The snow powder we tried was a total ball to play with – it was wet and cold, but doesn’t melt into puddles! As you can see, we only used a teensey amount, and had enough to keep small hands busy for a while!  Add some animals, and create winter scenes!  Take it outside and have a snowfight!


Polymer Snow Sensory Table snow 4 1024x768

Some things worth noting about polymer snow – it’s cheap, and available a lot of places!  Ours came from A.C. Moore, but I’ve also seen it at the dollar store, and found it real cheap on Amazon.  I would definitely have invested in a larger volume if I would have known how much fun it is!


Polymer Snow Sensory Table snow 5 1024x768

It also is supposed to store well (up to a month or more) in a plastic bag or airtight container, and can be “refreshed” at any time, with a little water and fluffing.


Polymer Snow Sensory Table snow 6 1024x768

I think next time we’ll make a whole snow sensory table scape of it!



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Polymer Snow Sensory Table 15qzxbo

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