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Marble Painting


Marble Painting marble lead 1024x768

Create some surprising artwork, and roll some paint around with this unorthodox painting method!


Marble Painting marble 1 1024x768

You’ll need

  • acrylic paint
  • a baking dish or sheet
  • 12 marbles, give or take a few
  • paper to fit the bottom of the dish
  • bowls or dishes that can get painty


Marble Painting marble 2 1024x768

Split your marbles between two containers.  Then dump a good squirt of paint on them!


Marble Painting marble 3 1024x768

Roll the marbles into your baking tray, and then carefully roll them in every direction, leaving cool trails of paint!


– regular copy paper fits in the bottom of a baking dish pretty well.  That means this is a great chance to use the backs of some paper that’s been in your recycling!

– a few paint colors will do the trick.  No need to get too crazy (unless you want to of course!)



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Marble Painting 15qzxbo

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