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Handwritten Cards from Prewriters

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If your prewriting preschooler is anything like my 3-year-old daughter, s/he will sign most cards with beautifully chaotic and incoherent scribbles (as seen below in the beautiful “letter” my preschooler wrote for a thank you card. However, I decided to make the process of sending out cards much easier by following the same line of thinking as in this previous MomTrusted post by simply having my prewriter trace a message instead. This worked out fantastically!
Not only are my friends and family now getting personal, handwritten letters and messages from my preschooler, she was additionally working on improving her handwriting skills. While I still enjoy the colorful masterpieces she creates (and still include them with the cards), it’s nice for them to receive letters from her…even if she can’t officially write on her own yet. Here’s what you’ll need to help your preschooler write his/her own personal messages:


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  • White paper
  • Pen
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Clear contact paper
  • Card for message


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Step 1: You want to make sure that the message that your preschooler traces fits inside the card. All I did was simply trace around the card, and  then I wrote a short message within that area. Of course, the card would be even better if the words also came from the lips of  your child, but any message will do.

  • TIP: In order to make the writing legible, it’s best to keep the message short and use larger writing. It makes it easier for your preschooler to trace, and therefore, easier for the reader to read.


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Step 2: Once you have written a message for your prewriter to trace, cut a piece of clear contact paper large enough to fit over the writing. Peel the backing off and stick the contact paper on top of the writing.


  • TIP: Make sure the contact paper entirely covers your writing before letting your preschooler begin tracing the message.


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Step 3: With a permanent marker, allow your prewriter to trace the message that will go inside the card.

  • TIP: Because permanent markers tend to smell, either use in a well ventilated room (i.e., a room with a fan circulating) or take breaks in between words.


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Step 4: Once your prewriter has finished tracing the message, cut off any access contact paper and place inside the card. Viola! A handwritten message to your loved ones from your prewriting preschooler! Enjoy!
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Handwritten Cards from Prewriters


Handwritten Cards from Prewriters

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