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Dollar Store Finds: Paint Roller Painting


My preschooler loves painting projects, but even I get bored with the standard paint and paintbrush combo. So while I was at my local dollar store, I came across a package of paint rollers. While I didn’t know if my 3-year-old would be able to use them yet, I decided to buy them anyway. So when my daughter said she wanted to paint the other day, I saw the paint rollers and pulled them out. She was thrilled to have something new to paint with. After a quick demonstration, my preschooler was ready to go. Now I think she’s got enough practice to help the next time we paint the walls in our house… almost. =) Perhaps she could help with some peel and stick wallpaper instead. Anyway, here’s what you’ll need to offer a change of pace to the typical painting activity for your preschooler:



  • Different colored paints
  • Paper
  • Paint Roller (pack of 2 for $1 from a dollar store)
  • Tape or Magnet (optional- to help keep paper in place)


Step 1: With this simple and budget friendly painting activity, there is only one step: prep and paint. Because my preschooler hadn’t ever used a paint roller, I demonstrated briefly how to use it. After a few tries, she was comfortable using the roller. She even figured out, by observing me, how to get more paint on the roller. My little one really enjoyed this painting project. It was a nice alternative to the typical paint and paintbrush. I’m sure you and your preschooler will agree. Enjoy!


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