Preschool Activities and Printables

Cork Stamped Stationary


Ever find yourself saving corks?  Not sure what to use them for?  Let your kids use them as stamps, and make some cool stationary!


You’ll need

  • a few different colors of stamp pads (we used a jumbo pad with 6 colors)
  • stamps
  • blank stationary (plain envelopes, paper, left over holiday card envelopes – whatever you have around!)


Use the corks as stamps, and see what kind of different patterns and designs your kids can come up with!


We liked stamping around the edge of a big sheet of paper, and filling a whole envelope with every color! It was fun to see which stamps made which kinds of shapes – the champagne cork was a favorite.


This will make for some great, personalized mail to special aunts or Grandma and Grandpa.




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