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Peppermint Stripe Treat Bags



What are your treat-making and treat sharing plans this holiday?  We’re making peppermint bark, and I think it will look great in these bags.



Cookies  are a great treat to share on holidays!  Dress up your packaging by adding some fun red and white candycane stripes to a plain old bag!  Everything becomes a little more special when it’s wrapped in a hand painted package, especially when the littlest of Santa’s elves is the painter!



You’ll need

  • Paper lunch bags
  • Red and white paint
  • 2 paintbrushes
  • Cute tape to seal up bags
  • Gift cards, so you remember who gets what!



This project is pretty straightforward, but let me offer some tips!  Set up several bags in a row, instead of focusing on one at a time.  It’s easier and faster to paint stripes when you assembly-line it!


We used a nice metallic white paint, that really added a little glimmer.



Two separate paintbrushes help colors stay separate.  Finish all the white, then come back through and do all the red.



Use a bit of cute washi tape to seal up the bag when it’s full of treats, and add a great gift tag.  Voila!  Presents!   What treat are you giving?



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