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Countdown Chain

We made a fun space themed countdown chain, and so can you!


Countdown Chain countdown lead 1024x768


We always find great science and nature books at thrift stores, and we’ve amassed quite a collection!  Often they become parts of collages or big projects, but today we used one to make a countdown chain.  What better to use than a old space book?


Countdown Chain countdown 1 1024x768


First we collected our supplies.  We used “The Heavens” to make our chains, but you could use any outdated book with good pictures!


You’ll also need

  • Scissors or a papercutter
  • Tape
  • A date to count down to!


Countdown Chain countdown 2 1024x768

First we chose some pages that had great illustrations.  (Don’t get heartbroken about cutting up a book!  Some books are worth holding onto, but this one was destined for a landfill – we gave it one last job, as part of an art project! Science books are especially good for this because a lot of the time the information in them is outdated).


Pull the pages you want, and then trim the torn side so it’s straight.


Countdown Chain countdown 3 1024x768


Cut the paper into 1” strips, across the paper the short way.  This is quick work if you have a papercutter, but is also good cutting practice, if you don’t’ have one.  If your child has a steady hand, you can set them up to cut multiple pages at once.  If not, do one page at a time – no rush!


Countdown Chain countdown 4 1024x768


Link the chain links using a bit of pretty tape.  Make one chain link for each day counting down to a fun event, like a birthday!  Every day you can tear one off before bed, as you get closer to the event.  Fun!

Countdown Chain countdown 51 1024x768

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Countdown Chain 15qzxbo

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