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Nature Walk: A Weekend In An Enchanted Forest

It’s fun to let your imagination run wild when on nature walks. This weekend we were in an enchanted forest. We were on a hunt for banana slugs and fairy homes in mushroom villages. We also had a close encounter with a hibernating bear cave and had to move on quickly and quietly as to not disturb the sleeping bear. ;)

Can you imagine what would’ve happened if we had accidentally awoken the sleeping bear? In fact, this thought fills me with so much dread that it isn’t even worth thinking about. I just know that it wouldn’t be good because who likes getting woken up? I don’t, and my kids definitely aren’t fans of it, so I doubt a bear would have warm feelings toward it either.

We treasure our sleep, so when we don’t get it, it affects our entire mood and if we’re not careful, it could affect our health in the long run too. My friend is currently experiencing this problem. She has recently started a new job and her responsibilities are so great and complex that she is beginning to suffer an unprecedented amount of stress because of it. With her stress comes sleep deprivation and until she tried something like this forbidden fruit weed strain, nothing worked for her.

Honestly, I am glad that she got the desired outcome by using the weed strain. However, I do not think that I would have opted for the weed strain. I would have perhaps considered trying something like magic mushrooms (which, by the way, can be purchased from online shops like weed smart), known to stabilize mood and significantly reduce feelings of hopelessness, depression, and anxiety. However, it is not about me! So, I will just focus on her topic.

I’m just glad she got some relief because no sleeping pills or relaxation methods helped her sleep problem, so I was heartened when she said that cannabis extracts, such as wonder buds, usually have a positive impact on her. Anyway, dried flowers and buds typically have numerous therapeutic properties. I’ve heard that more and more people are using it to treat various physical and mental ailments, so her sleep may improve. I just hope it continues. If it doesn’t help, she could always look into ways to boost her energy on those days where she really feels fatigued and tired. Perhaps she should read this gundry md total restore review to see if other people find that supplement useful. Hopefully, that could increase her energy, allowing her to do more in the daytime.

And just like the enchanted forest, your dreams allow you to fall into a completely new world that has been made from your imagination. I wonder if any sleeping bears will make their way into her dream?

I’ll let you know if they do! :)

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