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Glitter and Glue Ornaments



When I came across this pin on Pinterest for these super cute snowman gift tags, I thought the idea could be used to make Christmas ornaments as well. And who doesn’t love homemade ornaments adorning their tree? With a bottle of glue, different colored glitter, and a little creativity, the amount of personalized ornaments you could make are endless. You and your little one could literally make dozens of ornaments for under $3! And for a few more dollars at a dollar or craft store, you could jazz those ornaments up even more with ribbon, beads, stickers, or even buttons. The ideas and combinations are limitless! And the best part? You can use them year after year….or until you decide to change themes or colors. While I made simple designs for the purpose of this post, you could go further with more extravagant designs, such as an intricate snowflake design from a pattern printed off the internet. Or you could even make your child’s handprint (or 20!) as a keepsake ornament for your tree or a grandparent’s. There’s really so much you could do! Here’s what you’ll need to make any of the ornaments that you or your preschooler come up with:



  • Glue (I got a package of 2 bottles for $1 from a dollar store)
  • Glitter (again, I got a package of several different colors for $1 from a dollar store)
  • Wax paper or plastic cutting board
  • Pony beads (optional- used to add more detail to ornaments)
  • Glitter star (optional- used to add detail to tree ornament)
  • Ribbon (optional- used to add detail to snowman ornament)
  • Paper clips (opened up into an “S” for hanging; package for $1)



Step 1: Using your bottle of glue, draw or trace objects onto the wax paper or plastic cutting board.


  • TIP: Just be forewarned that the glue will expand and settle. The more glue you put, the more it will expand. Less glue goes a LONG way.


Step 2: Once you have your ornament shapes drawn with the glue, it’s ready for the glitter and other details. There’s really no limit here. Let your preschooler have fun creating these super easy ornaments that will last for years to come….or until you decide to make some more. =)



Here’s just a few of the ornaments that we made…..Enjoy!


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