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Outdoor Activities for Kids Part 1

Entertaining children during summer is no easy task, especially if you have children of all ages to entertain. However, it is possible! There are a lot of ways to entertain your children without even having to leave your house if you don’t want to. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard or swing set, you’re already onto a winner. Most children love swimming and splashing about and it gives them a lot of independence without them even realising. Of course, you should be taking safety precautions like having armbands or floats if necessary and a solar pool cover for when the pool isn’t being used but you probably already know that. All that swimming will soon tire the children out so you might need to think of some other activities to keep them occupied on different occasions. Over time I’ve collected tons of resources for outdoor activities for kids. Here is the first part of that mega list of backyard activities for your preschoolers and young children this summer. Get outside, have fun, and learn!

1. Wild Flower Sculptures, Twig Frames, Twig Mobiles, Leaf Paintings, Tree Rubbings, Pine Cone Pictures, Owl Puppet Trees, + Camping Games + Camping Science activities

2. Make your own treasure hunt

3. Working on those motor skills

4. Twist n Turn Game with sidewalk chalk

5. Try something new like tennis lessons! Just serch ‘tennis lessons near me’ or ‘Tennis Lessons SF‘ to get started

6. Water sports activities like water roller ball

7. 18 outdoor games and activities

8. 8 ideas for outdoor fun

9. 5 games to get your body moving

10. Classic Outdoor Games list like Stop and Go, Bean Bag Toss, Simon Says, Hide and Seek, and many more

11. Scavenger hunt

12. Babyzone put together a list of outdoor activities

13. Parents magazine has their own mega list of outdoor activities for preschool and toddlers

14. Livestrong talks about a few ways to play tag, shake the hula hoop, and have animal races

15. Here’s some basic ideas…nature walk, soap and water, and make an obstacle course

16. Summer bubbles! A recipe for homemade bubbles

17. Having a party for your child this summer? Here’s some outdoor games for a large group of young children

18. Water & Art party activities

I have many more activities and resources to share with you…part 2 will be coming soon. In the meantime, start having fun with your kids outside!

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